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    Fashionista: Zendaya

    Disney star, Zendaya, is not only known for her role in ‘Shake It Up’ but she’s also known for her incredible taste in fashion! At such a young age, Zendaya has really showed the world that there’s more to her than just being a young Disney star. From red carpets to vacations, she rocks the latest trends for the current seasons! The number one thing that separates her from other present and former young fashionistas is that she dresses appropriate for her age! She’s not too sexy, not too revealing and she’s not trying to bloom too quickly like other stars have in the past. She stays in the trend while still respecting herself and her age! Here are a couple of our favorite outfits from the beautiful, Zendaya!

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    Best Dressed: Coachella 2014

    Weekend one of Coachella’s Music Festival was held this past weekend! There were so many amazing performances, an amazing crowd and some incredible fashion looks! There were tons of celebrities there rocking out to their favorite bands and wearing the trendiest outfits. Everyone from Kylie Jenner to Beyonce was there in their cutest ensembles. Some were cute and comfy others wore their best hippie ensembles! Check out the top most best dressed celebs at Coachella 2014!

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    What is a bodycon dress?

    What is a bodycon dress exactly? And what does it do for a woman’s figure that other dresses can’t? These questions run through many girls’ minds as they begin to shop for their weekend attire! Is it best fit on curvier women? Or women with smaller hips? Does your bust have to be big or small to look good in a bodycon dress?

What are your fall colors?

A Night Out

  • top 5 dessert places in LA

    top 5 dessert places in LA

    Los Angeles is filled with yummy treats and desserts but where’s the tastiest place to be? From frozen yogurt to macaroon ice cream sandwiches, we’ve got the best places for you! It can be hard deciding which place to visit first but these reviews and mouth watering pictures will help you make that decision faster!

  • houstons


    Houston’s is a great place to take your date for some fine dining! The food is pure goodness and the customer service is amazing. From the second you enter the place till moment you leave with a satisfying belly, you’ll be sure to enjoy yourself at Houston’s! Though the price may be a little high, the food and experience is totally worth it!

  • Porto's Bakery

    Porto's Bakery

    In the mood for some sweets and nice cup of coffee? Porto’s Bakery is known for their baked goods and delicious drinks! From hundreds of great reviews from satisfied customers to a rating of 4.5 stars on yelp, this is sure not to let you down. One of the greatest advantages to a bakery is the variety of amazing food you get to choose from! They not only have phenomenal desserts but they also carry a breakfast, lunch and dinner menu just in case your sweet tooth isn’t calling out for goodies! These food choices will be sure to have your mouth watering and your taste buds craving for more. Another great thing to this amazing restaurant is the cheep food prices!!

  • Belasco Night Club

    Belasco Night Club

    Belasco Night Club is the go-to place when having a girl’s night out! There’s a huge dance floor, awesome DJ’s and amazing drinks! Occasionally there’ll even be celebrity DJ’s performing for night. Those nights are always fun and packed! The amazing and talented ceiling dancers and go-go dancers always get the party going and the crowd even more hyped. The craziest part of the night is when they surprise you with hundreds of balloons and confetti falling from the ceiling! It’s a great venue with good vibes all around! There nights are usually held on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights! The venue is crazy beautiful with two stories to party on! There are three full bars, one on each side of the club. The drinks charge the same as any other club; beers are $7.00 and mixed drinks are $13. The good thing about the mix drinks are that they are worth the $13 that you’re spending on it! They have just enough alcohol and they taste amazing! The bartenders are super helpful and nice, they don’t just ignore you like some other bars in night clubs might. Another great thing about the venue is the outside patio. It can get a little over packed and hot so the outdoor patio is a life saver! A DJ is playing outside on the patio as well just so you can get some fresh air in a pumped up environment! The performers are always the highlight of the night! Whether they’re your local DJ’s, Celebrity DJ’s or artists like Lorde or Lloyd, there is always a hyped up crowd. The tickets do sell out fast when there is a special performer so I suggest you buy your tickets early and arrive early to get closer to the stage and get better parking! Bottle service is known to be amazing and cheap here at Belasco. Not only do you get a complimentary Champaign bottle with your bottle service but the waitresses are very sweet and helpful with your requests! The fun thing about this club is that there is always a theme to their events. Whether it’s an all white party or a Horror Movie themed night for Halloween! They also run charity events around Christmas where you bring in clothes or toys and get in cheaper in return!

AMI Speaks

  • AMI Speaks

    Kate Upton Defies Gravity

    The beautiful, Kate Upton, has come to be one of our favorite models out there! Her seducing eyes, luscious lips and bangin’ body has us all falling in love with her. Her beautiful curves amaze us all but they amazed us even more when she was issued in this year’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue for their 50th anniversary! Very simple things go through your head when it comes down to this magazine. All it is are girls in bikinis right? Well that may be true but Sports Illustrated wanted to change things up a little for this issue. What could they possibly do different you may ask? Well defying gravity is one thing!

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